Trickfish toggle switch options

Toggle switch options (from left to right):
Standard Black, Premium Black, Standard Chrome, Premium Chrome
(premium toggle switches include a dress nut)

Trickfish push/pull pot options

Push/pull pot options: 250k push/pull pot wired for active/passive (left), 250k push/pull pot wired for mid frequency selection (right)

Internal Pre Amp (IPA)

The Trickfish Internal Pre Amp (IPA) is a high performance, low noise internal bass preamp system built upon two ideas – superior tonal flexibility and effortless installation. Sharing many of the sonic signatures found in our Flexcore line of preamps, the IPA delivers the same musical and transparent character as its older sibling. The shelving bass and treble controls and selectable frequency points for bass, midrange, and treble offer the ultimate in tone shaping capabilities.

Our simple plug connections allow for the addition of 2 or 3 bands of active EQ to your instrument without the need to solder. All EQ pots, toggle switches, and the output jack are prewired for an easy installation and the solderless screw terminals make input connections painless. The IPA’s small size (1.9” x 1.2”) circuit board is preinstalled with Velcro and was designed to fit virtually any bass.


Treble: +/- 15dB at 6kHz or 10kHz
Lo Mid: +/-12dB at 333Hz or 663Hz
Bass: +/- 12dB at 46Hz or 90Hz

IPA preamp kits include: Prewired EQ pots, prewired active/passive toggle switch, prewired output jack, and (2) battery connectors.


Additional Options

Add midrange frequency selector switch or 250k push/pull pot with mid selector cable (not required)

NOTE: The IPA requires soldering of a passive section, i.e., volume, blend, tone, etc. The active portion of the preamp itself is solderless. Please take the time to read the manual for a full overview.

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